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The Greek Copper Development Institute was founded and operated for the promotion and development of implementations of copper. It is a non-profit organization and its purpose is to inform the responsible technical world, for anything relating to implementations and uses of copper and its alloys. G.C.D.I.

BALTON is based in Poland and manufactures products for interventional cardiology and radiology.  The company has a great experience in the production of high quality products. BALTON
TEKNO-MEDICAL Optik-Chirurgie GmbH & Co KG
TEKNO MEDICAL is based in Germany and is a company with great experience in the production of quality surgical instruments and arthroscopy products. TEKNO
JRI UK - Orthopaedic Implant Manufacturers
JRI is based in the United Kingdom and is a pioneer in the production of arthroplasty. JRI Orthopaedics
ArthroCare Corporation
ARTHROCARE is a company with innovative products in the field of sports injuries. ArthroCare Corporation
ArthroCare Corporation
TST is based in Turkey and is a company with many years of experience manufacturing products for trauma. In the factories that owns, manufactures high quality products for External and Internal Osteosynthesis. TST R. Tibbi Aletler